BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice. A Fighting Man of Mars. (ALBERT K. BENDER'S COPY - 1948)



TITLE: A Fighting Man of Mars.

PUBLISHER: California: Tarzana, 1948.

DESCRIPTION: ALBERT K. BENDER'S COPY.  1 vol., with the book label of Albert K. Bender to the front blank endleaf, DJ and frontis by Hugh Hutton, publisher's tan grey boards stamped in red, with the original DJ.


REFERENCE: Heims - Bibliography of ERB, FMM #4

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Albert K. Bender (June 16, 1921 -  March 29, 2016) author of the 1962 nonfiction book Flying Saucers and the Three Men, was one of the most influential UFOlogists of the 1950s/'60s. He served in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. He was obsessed with the UFO phenomenon and became a UFO researcher, founding the International Flying Saucers Bureau. So this book would have been a perfect fit in his library.

On March 15, 1953, he, along with about 600 members of his International Flying Saucer Bureau, attempted to contact beings from outer space by thinking the same thought at the same time. The 1953 event precipitated the "Men in Black" phenomenon; Bender was visited by three men in black suits afterwards.