CARLSON, David & Jeffrey Eger. Dodgson at Auction 1893-1999. (FIRST EDITION - 1999)

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AUTHOR: CARLSON, David & Jeffrey Eger 

TITLE: Dodgson at Auction 1893-1999.

PUBLISHER: NJ: D&D Galleries, 1999.

DESCRIPTION: FIRST EDITION. 1 vol., preface by Jeffrey Eger, foreword by Charlie Lovett, introduction by Jay Dillon, illustrated, hardcover.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Inscribed books, fanciful letters, clever acronym poetry, books from Dodgson's personal library, manuscripts, corrected proofs, signed photographs, Alice's own copies of Carroll's works, and the fascinating history of the original manuscript sales all make for lively reading and research. 105 years of auction records recorded world wide - all Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, many which have long disappeared over time, reveal extraordinary genius at work. The book comprises more than 3100 citations carefully and meticulously cross-indexed by proper names, place names, book titles, common words and dates. There are over 1200 citations which are not referenced in any auction records as well as a complete and proper index of books from the sale of his personal library and items belonging to Lewis Carroll. Chronologically arranged, Dodgson at Auction offers a broad yet detailed perspective of Carroll: buyers, consignors, hammer prices, textual descriptions and illustrated.