FORSTER, E. M.. Holograph manuscript - "The Treasures of Cambridge". (c.1930's)



TITLE: Holograph manuscript - "The Treasures of Cambridge".

PUBLISHER: Cambridge, (c.1930's).

DESCRIPTION: 5 pages, 8vo., rectos only but verso of page 5 with a crossed-out and abandoned early portion of a draft, incorporating manuscript revisions and additional manuscript editorial clarifications in another hand, VERY GOOD.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A description of an likely mid-1930’s exhibition of Cambridge’s cultural artifacts of note: “A Cambridge resident myself, I got on the London train as soon as the exhibition opened. And perused the objects that had preceded me to the metropolis.... When I entered Goldsmith’s Mall I was welcomed by local sounds as well as by local sights... Fancy my coming all this way to see what I might have seen home.” Forster lists highlights of visit, including a bust of Charles II, various paintings, “and – more moving than all of them emotionally – is the Essex Cup itself.”