PLANCHE, James Robinson. ALS (Autograph Letter Signed) Dated Chelsea: June 12, 1873. (CREATOR OF THE VAMPIRE)

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AUTHOR: PLANCHE, James Robinson. 

TITLE: ALS ( Autograph Letter Signed ) Dated June 12, 1873.

PUBLISHER: Chelsea: June 12, 1873.

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 1 page, folded, 7-1/6" x 4-1/2", to a Fred Chapman, ESQ, stationary stamped "6, Royal Ave. Chelsea. S. W.", It reads "Dear Sir, It must be Saturday then if you please as I am specially engaged all Friday. Truly yours  J. W. Planche".

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Vampire, a play, formally known as "The Vampire; or, The Bride of the Isles", was written by James Robinson Planche. It was premiered on the London stage in 1820 as the first appearance of the vampire as an image of sophistication and nobility.