Space: A History of Space Exploration in Photographs

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Space: A History of Space Exploration in Photographs by Andy Chaikin

Easton Press Deluxe Leather Bound Edition

FINE- Condition

This is a beautiful oversized leather bound edition of “Space: A History of Space Exploration in Photographs” published by the Easton Press in conjunction with Carlton Books in 2002. From the foreward: Andy Chaikin, who brought us the incredible adventures of the Apollo Moon missions in his previous book A Man on the Moon, now widens the scope of our knowledge to the world's conquest of space with this excellent book. He takes us from the origins of spaceflight, where we meet the early pioneers, Tsiolkovsky, Goddard and Korolev and see their triumphs and tragedies. We learn about the human flights of the Mercury, Gemini, Vostok and Soyuz programmes; the unmanned probes to Venus and Mars; the success of Apollo and the failure of the Russian Lunar Programme. The text and photos rejuvenate the excitement first felt when Sputnik surprised the world; when Yuri Gagarian made the first Earth orbit and when Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon.

Picture yourself in Armstrong's shoes, as he surveys the lunar landscape just after landing. The view: appears uninviting, forbidden, hostile and he wonders: "What kind of day will it be?"

It will be a day like all days on the surface of the Moon - a velvet black sky with a terrain of rocks, boulders, craters and dust in all shades of gray. The only colour to be seen - the Earth - so distant and small it can be hidden behind his thumb. A vacuum atmosphere surrounds him, as he "bunny hops" from place to place in the one-sixth "g" gravitational environment. Moon dust, kicked up by his footsteps, falls back to the surface with mathematical precision without an atmosphere to disturb it. It is a silent world, Only the sound of his life support system, the crackling of communications and the echo of his breathing in the fish-bowl helmet keep him company.

This day Armstrong will remember forever and through these pages you too will relive the excitement, of his first steps on the Moon and many of the other incredible achievements of the space age.

So, fasten your seatbelt and launch into space with the first page, You will be mesmerized by Andy Chaikin's informative text and the remarkable photos as you journey through this book until the last page returns you safely back to Earth.”

Captain James A. Lovell

Gemini 7 & 12, Apollo 8 & 13

The book measures approximately 11.5” x 11.5” with 247 pages and features the usual Easton Press fineries including:

·     hubbed spine, bound in premium full leathers

·     distinctive cover design with a laid in picture of the Space Station, beautiful illustrations

·     handsome, readable typefaces, permanent satin ribbon page marker

·     elegant gilded page edges, silk moiré endpapers

·     thread-sewn pages for durability and strength, long-lasting high quality, acid-neutral paper

The book is in FINE- condition with a minor bumping to the corner edges and rubs to the tips.