CAXTON, William - Higden, Ranulf (Ranulphus). Polycronicon. (Polychronicon). (1482 - AN ORIGINAL LEAF)


AUTHOR: CAXTON, William - Higden, Ranulf (Ranulphus). 

TITLE: Polycronicon. (Polychronicon).

PUBLISHER: [Westminster]: William Caxton, 1482.

DESCRIPTION: A single folio leaf, 27.6 cm x 20.9 cm, from Liber Tertius, 40 lines and headline, black letter, rubricated in red, ink annotations to outer margin in an early hand.

CONDITION: Minor old damp stain to top 2 inches, overall A VERY GOOD WIDE MARGINED LEAF.

REFERENCE: [BMC XI, 127; Goff H-267; HC 8659; STC 13483; Bod-inc H-121; Pforzheimer 490].

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: William Caxton was the first of the 15th C. printers to publish in English. In 1938 The Book Club of California had issued a leaf book, limited to 297 copies, each containing a leaf from the Polycronicon.